Onshore / Offshore Outsourcing

Deep Blue Marketing (DBM) is a BPO marketing company from the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen with domain in Spain, Madrid & roots in the Dominican Rep & the US where the majority of our clients are from, we have a very high efficiency rate when it comes to finding suitable call ceLars Profile 1nters for feasible campaigns worldwide, besides that we can produce fast results for any product that is compatible in the call center industry, not only that we only work with decision makers which creates the results that everyone is looking for.

DBM has more than +10.500 contact centers worldwide with a manpower force of + 150.000 agents and we do have a reputation that speaks for itself when it comes to finding suitable centers for our clients campaigns. DBM works on a success rate basis, meaning that if our centers are successful, so are we, not only that but DBM does not charge any upfront fees, royalties, securities fees, consultancy fees or any upfront expense to the call centers nor tries to control their payments, when call center get paid by campaign provider so does we, DBM are the firm believer that any upfront fees are equal to fraud and scam activities.

We have access to centers in all levels, small to large, from basic to the highest standards in the industry and welcome any request compelled by our partners and clients globally.

We like to engage our self and add the ultimate value to any project we get involved with and create a complete turnkey solution that represent the highest possible standard in the industry.

Please contact me with your requirements and we will help you now and in the future as well.

Important information: DBM does not allow brokers, consultants or “middle men” of any kind unless otherwise approved by DBM. We NEVER charge any start up fees or up-front fees whatsoever to launch our campaigns. Under no circumstances should any person or company request a fee or commission from your center to run our campaigns. We require that we are contracted directly with the call center and call center owner generating the campaign and that we have direct access to the sales floor, managers and agents when requested via Skype video. We also insist that the call center receives and keeps 100% of the commissions. No payment should ever be given to a 3rd party by the contracted center. Notify Deep Blue Marketing of this immediately if this is ever happens.

Important Note: All Communications in regards of any campaigns is only accepted via E-mail at first.
Deep Blue Marketing
Spain, Denmark, Dominican Republic, USA.