Rx Pharmacy

RX Pharmacy


Brand new posting campaign in the industry.


Products to Focus on:

Acid Reflux / Heartburn

Psoriasis / Eczema / Dermatitis (Skin Disorders)

Migraines / Severe Headaches

Metabolic Deficiency (Multi-Vitamins)

Muscle Relaxant (Spasms/Arthritis/Inflammation)

Dry Mouth / Issues Producing Saliva

Pain Creams (Joint Pain/Tendinitis/Inflammation)

Scar / Open Wounds

Fungal / Skin Infection


All leads posted MUST be interested in a combination of 3+ products mentioned above, and your RECORDINGS must match the products mentioned to be payable.

Health Insurances Accepted:


United Health Care

BCBS California



Express Scripts


Argus Health

Advanced RX Management


Well Care

Navitus Health


No BIN# or PCN# Restrictions

State List Accepted:

California only

22+ states will be available if BETA test performs well


Age accepted 35-65 years’ old


Value:                    $55 depends on volume per week


Terms:                   Net-7 (w/ payable after completed Successful TeleMed.


Payroll:                  Monday to Friday cutoff, with Payments made, Every Wednesday!!


NOTE:                    During your record call, you MUST indicate the call is being recorded, the patient MUST state they are interested in a combination of 3+ products mentioned above, and you need to inform the client a Doctor will contact them within the next 3 business days for a phone consultation (tell them to stay close to the phone)




Lars B Christiansen

Deep Blue Marketing