CGM with live transfer and DO + Notes

We are seeking telemarketing group that has durable lead generation experience, is willing to operate within the compliance guidelines of our client and DNC compliance.

What is required.

Past US  Med B  (Braces, Health, Medical, diabetic, Pain, CGM etc.) sales/ lead generation campaign experience which is a requirement.

What you need for this campaign.

  • Own Calling Data
  • Your own dialer
  • Own VoIP provider

What you get.

  • Payment Net 7 from Shipping date.
  • Payment per approved Kit 80.00 USD, +30 weekly 90.00 USD, +75 Weekly 100.00 USD.
  •  DOs needed with  notes
  • Campaign is based on a valid customer looking for CGM Kit.
  • No Daily Cap.
  • Good States: 50 states available. (Alaska & Hawaii not accepted)
  • Online Posting link + DID given
  • Per CGM Kit commission structure.
  • We expect a minimum of 5 agents to start the program, with the ability to add more to continue to drive sales.
  • Long-term campaign.
  • We expect the average SPD per agent to meet a minimum of +1 to +3 daily.
  • The ideal company should be seeking a long-term relationship as we are looking for a long term. Partnership
  • Only Medicare Part B accepted.
  • DID # for live transfer provided.
  • Max age accepted is 85 YO.
  • We only do primary care physicians DOs. No TELEMED DOS AT ALL!!!

Qualification requirements for approved lead.

  1. Patience acceptance.
  2. Confirmed address as on Med B Insurance.
  3. Passes Eligibility and S&S
  4. Live transfer to Triage team, all information is confirmed, and Policy holder is looking for CGM Kit
  5. Obtained all needed information as required.

What is required of you?

  • Previous US -Med B / PPO lead generation campaign experience is a must.
  • Agents that understand and speak English very good.
  • English speaking program only.
  • Have a dialer and minutes available. (No compensation for these given).
  • You must be able to begin within 5 working days of a signed contract being in place.
  • Working hours range for M-F 09:00 AM till 6:00 PM EST to comply with US Telemarketing laws.

The Process:

  • We give you CRM and Webform!
  • You imput the patients info and doctors info in webform
  • Verification manager sends you printscreen of eligibility and sns
  • Verification manager assigns your lead to a verifier
  • You get audio of verified DO or rejected DO
  • If verified DO, you are asked to upload the DO to our CRM
  • Next day the order is shipped and tracking number imputed in CRM
  • From Shipping date you count 7 WORKING days and systems generates payment advice.

If this has your interest let me know right away so I can forward the agreement to get you running in no time or if you have some questions, let me know by email only.

Conditions cannot be negotiated in any directions.

This campaign does not require any upfront fees, deposit or payments; it’s 100% free like all other campaigns from Deep Blue Marketing.


Lars B Christiansen

Deep Blue Marketing