Dialer & VoIP

Hourly paid home improvement campaign.

What is required.

Min 10 Agents with good English and past experience a huge plus.

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What is provided for this campaign?

  • Dialer – cloud based
  • Data
  • Free VoIP

What you get.

  • Payment weekly, net 15 for first payment.
  • Payment is 5.00 USD per hour, min 10 agents, 8 hrs. min daily login.
  • Min 35 apt per week per agent.
  • Less than 35 apt per week then $5.00 per appointment per agents.
  • Current centers do +10 daily per agent.
  • Per hour sale structure.
  • Support available by Management.
  • Training provided.
  • We expect a minimum of 10 agents to start the program, with the ability to add more to continue to drive sales.
  • Less than 10 agents and center will be terminated.
  • Long-term campaign.
  • We expect the average APT per agent to meet a minimum of +7 daily.
  • The ideal company should be seeking a long-term relationship as we are looking for a long-term Partnership.

For more information email us at campaigns@deepbluem.com

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VoIP reseller or direct user with top rates, US provider.

US Provider offers SIP termination that is reliable, redundant and built for VoIP Carriers. If you need to urgently get out 1 million calls in an hour, we give you access to 120,000+ channels at your fingertips. Typically, we are able to offer better rates and assist our customers in choosing the right solution. We have helped Large Call Centers, VoIP carriers, CLECs and we look forward to assisting you! Here are our competitive rate offers-

VoIP Routes

  1. Canada cc.
  2. USA cc CLI.
  3. UK cc CLI proper.
  4. UK cc CLI mobile.
  5. AUS cc CLI proper.
  6. AUS cc CLI mobile.
  7. USA NPA-NXX Call Center .
  8. USA Tier 1 NPANXX conversational (request deck).

Additional VoIP Services

  1. Free DID Porting. As low as $0.001\minute for volume customers. (international DIDs available as well)
  2. USA Broadcast Dialer as low as $0.0076\minute. 6\6 Billing. 25,000+ ports available. Press 1, IVR, Speech Enabled
  3. Rinlgess Voicemail at $.015 per successful delivery
  4. 100% Free Toll Free (18YY) Termination. Complete your Toll Free traffic over 100% direct to tandem routes. Unlimited Ports and 100% free
  5. USA Caller IDs. Save up to 10% on your USA Dialer campaigns without changing carriers. Improve your ASR with local Caller IDs

Contact us TODAY and create a FREE test account for 1000 Minutes.

Full-time NOC support, Tier 1 direct interconnects, High Capacity, High CPS, Free Testing

This Service does not require any upfront fees, deposit or payments; it’s 100% free like all other services from Deep Blue Marketing.

Deep Blue Marketing

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Customer Interaction and Workforce Management Software. Bringing Call Centers, the Tools They Need to Succeed.

Come try out this state of the art CRM/predictive dialer for free

At our company, we start off at per agent per month with unlimited VOIP. This includes automated reporting, a dedicated American management team for your campaign, 24/7 IT support, penetration reports, data analysis reporting (meaning we figure out a way to use less data with higher sales conversion), a smart script builder that shows the correct objections when they are asked by the customer, built in Avatar and much more.

Winning formula

Process automation
Proactive management
Time-saving tools


Features & Benefits

Automated Reporting
Performance Threshold Push Notifications
Employee Onboarding Portal
Conditional Script Builder


Call center requirements.

Min 15 agents and up.

If you have this we can offer you a free trial to try out this amazing dialer that increases your productivity by far more then you ever could imagine.


For more information e-mail Managing Director Lars Boje Christiansen at l.b.christiansen@deepbluem.com

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